She Writes

Stacy Travis

Want to be inspired? 

Then you’re going to want to hear the story of how author Stacy Travis used her pandemic downtime to launch a new career as a romance novelist.  Join Stacy for a live, virtual Q & A on Wednesday, June 8 @ 5 p.m. PST as she shares the down-and-dirty details of her self-publishing adventure.

Let's Celebrate!

Lulu Powers — “the Entertainologist” — invites you to a virtual pre-Cinco de Mayo happy hour on

May 4th @ 5pm PST


Floral Workshop


Debi Lilly

Chicago Based Party planner extraordinaire

Join party-planner extraordinaire Debi Lilly live on Saturday 5/7, the day before Mother’s Day, for a fun, fast flower arranging tutorial. 

Elana Frankel

Weed — it’s not just for getting high anymore

Join us on 4/20 as Elana Frankel, author of Women & Weed and founder of plant-based wellness company Indigo and Haze, shares her personal story about how cannabis helped her overcome a traumatic brain injury and made her an advocate for the wellness benefits of everybody’s favorite weed.  



Finding your religion

Candice Olson

A recent survey suggested that religion is dead, but it’s way more interesting than that.

Join World Religions scholar Candice Olson, the founder of iVillage, on April 14 for a lively discussion of old and new spiritual practices as we all search for meaning in our everyday lives.  

Liz Powers

ArtLifting is a social enterprise that champions artists who are impacted by disabilities and housing insecurity by giving them a path to independence and success.

Wouldn’t it be cool if somebody figured out a way to match talented artists impacted by disabilities or housing insecurity with corporate and private collectors? That somebody is Liz Powers, founder of ArtLifting, a unique social enterprise that champions underserved artists by offering them a path to independence and success. Join Liz for a live forum about the intersection of art and commerce and how one person with a good idea really can change lives.  March 31 at 6 p.m. EST. Prepared to be inspired.


A path to independence and success.


Upgrade your face with PATTI PAO, founder of Restorsea.

Patti Pao

Join Patti for a live discussion about the intersection of science and beauty. Plus exclusive member discounts on the magical enzyme in Restorsea.

Funny story: While touring a salmon hatchery in Norway, lifelong science geek Pao noticed the workers’ hands appeared unusually youthful. The reason? An enzyme released during the salmon hatching process cleaved away dead skin cells leaving living cells undisturbed. Realizing the potential beauty benefits, Pao obtained exclusive rights to the miracle enzyme and founded Restoresea — the only medical-grade skincare line in the world. It’s natural. It’s science. And it works.

Athena Ubach


COVID got you down? Tired of social distancing, maskne and 24/7 sweatpants?

Psychotherapist Athena Ubach’s got your PANDEMIC 9-1-1.

Health & Wellness Forum




for the


A guide to fiscal fitness – Part 1

 Kristen Taylor

First in a Series of Financial Forums

Wealth management expert Kristen Taylor demystifies financial planning for those of us secretly intimidated by portfolio talk.

Whether you’re confused about the Fed’s easing or tightening, curious about the meaning of the triple witching hour, or just looking for a smarter way to grow your retirement nest egg, Kristen’s here to help with an exclusive, members-only crash course. You’ve got questions, Kristen’s got answers. Let her be your guide to fiscal fitness in 2022. 

Anissa Buckley


Age Like A Boss

 Emerging science provides a clearcut plan for our food, fitness and daily habits. Join wellness guru Anissa Buckley to discover the latest tools for reducing fat, retaining muscle, enhancing cognitive function and elevating energy during and after menopause.

Health & Wellness

Menopause: Discover Your Blueprint for Vibrant Aging!

Holiday Floral Workshop

Learn to Create Beautiful Flower Arrangements

Debi Lilly

Chicago Based Party planner extraordinaire

Flower Power

Join party planner extraordinaire Debi Lily for a virtual crash course in flower arranging.

Victoria Nevinny

Contributor & Co-founder

Our Oyster Bash in Mastic Beach Was Amazing!

Violet Cove Oyster Company, wine from RGNY winery on the North Fork, beer from Talea Brewery in Brooklyn, bread from Gail Watson Micro Bakery — products all produced by women!

Oyster Bash in Mastic Beach, Long Island