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B-untethered is a place for women wanting more in midlife and beyond. We’re here to give you the tools, education, inspiration and support to be your best you, in your 40s, 50s and well beyond. Life doesn’t end because you’re in Menopause. Hell no!

We believe that getting old is a choice. Stay vibrant and full energy.

Join us for a Midlife Reset bootcamp to learn the latest diet, fitness and mindfulness  advice heading into your later years. We meet weekly and provide you with a personalized nutrition plan and fitness guidance to help you feel better, gain energy and lose any added pounds that have crept on. And, when you’re ready to really go big, we have Train & Travel trips, where you’ll train with us, remotely for 8-20 weeks and then tackle an epic goal as a team.

Reclaim your optimal health! The world is yours. We’ll help prepare you to conquer it!